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Telemedicine Technology – Benefits for Everyone

The use of telemedicine is set to increase, driven by convenience and lower costs. The benefits of telemedicine are not limited only to these two factors. 

What else does telemedicine ready to offer? 

Benefits for Patients

  • It is convenient

Telemedicine is visiting a doctor in the comfort of your house in your pajamas. You can access a doctor anywhere anytime. You can get medical attention when needed. Moreover, it becomes even more vital when talking about parents with small kids or older adults.

  • It saves time

As mentioned at the very beginning, a 20-minute visit to a doctor will never take 20 minutes.

According to the USA survey of physician practices, the average time for the new patients to see a doctor is 18,5 days and, in some areas, waiting time can reach 72 days. When patients need to get medical consultation, it is urgent for them, and they want to get it as fast as possible, and more than 18 days doesn’t seem fast at all. Moreover, patients’ condition can dramatically change while waiting for a visit.  

Source: The Washington Post

Telemedicine, in contrast, allows reducing this time significantly. Patients are open to finding the closest time to plan a 20-minute call, and what’s more important it will take only those 20 minutes, as no commuting to a clinic is required.

  • It saves money

According to the research, people are often opting for telemedicine not to use emergency services in the hospital, as it is by far more expensive than a scheduled visit. As research states, net savings range from $19 to $121 per visit compared with other care providers, assuming that the average cost per a tele visit at the time was about $70.

  • It gives access to more healthcare practitioners

Telehealth provides more opportunities for a patient to choose the best doctors, breaking states, and country limits. A patient from Kentucky can quickly get a consultation from leading doctors in New York. The only things needed are an Internet connection and a mobile device. 

  • It makes your health better

If the health problem is not that serious (as we assume), we ignore visiting doctors in favor of work, relaxation, spending time with family and friends, etc. The majority of patients do this. As reported in the American Well Consumer survey, 67% of Americans delay visiting healthcare providers.

Thanks to telemedicine, being healthier is easy, cost and time efficient.

Source: American Well Consumer Survey

Benefits for Doctors and Medical Providers

  • Flexibility

Entering online practices, doctors can open time-slots when they are available, improving work-life balance and decreasing stresses.  

  • It improves clinical workflow

Clinical workflow efficiency can be increased. Telehealth serves as the conduit for quicker prioritization of each case and improves communication by capturing, storing, and using patient data for better decision-making.

  • It adds a revenue stream and increases patients’ engagement

Physicians can expand their practice to help more people in the most secluded corners of the world. Being convenient telemedicine may also incentivize patients to seek medical help more often. Moreover, it can cut down no-shows, resulting in better time management. Almost 40% of patients at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center stated, that if they did not have the opportunity to have an online visit, they would have forgone care at all. 

Thus, telemedicine can increase profit by up to 40%.

  • It reduces overheads

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center states that telehealth is a cost-benefit and helped to save $86.64 every time a patient receives primary care or urgent care online. 

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Story by Vladlen Shulepov CEO at RiseApps Focused on delivering tailored software solutions to meet your needs and fulfill expectations of your end - users.
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