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Personal trainer on your phone

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Platform: iOS, Android and Web
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The Challenge

Ruggengraat started as a small online service of only three people. They were your regular guys from around the block, which recently started working out. But as soon as they started, they encountered dozens of questions. What and when to eat? How and when to workout? And so on.

When they figured everything out, one more question came to their mind - perhaps the most important one. How nice would it be if people new to fitness could get answers to all their questions on demand? An idea to create an online fitness service was born. Now, these guys only needed a digital solution, so they got in touch with us.


The Work

After a talk with our clients, we came to an agreement that we should make three apps instead of just one. We needed a comprehensive toolkit to help the trainers work with maximum efficiency and a simple app with only essential features for the clients of the service. Also, it was rational to make a client app for both iOS and Android, considering the significant share of both operating systems in the target market (the Netherlands).

We built a web application that allows the trainers to guide their clients through the training course, closely tracking the progress and seamlessly making changes in the program if it’s needed. The apps for clients provide diet and progress tracking, meal and training plans, and communication features to update the trainers on the progress.


Eat right without hassle

Proper nutrition is essential whatever sports you do. Our web app lets the trainer create custom meal plans that cover nutrients intake and offer diverse, well-balanced breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

The trainer app and the client app are both connected to one database. If the client struggles to follow the plan, the trainer will notice that in his app and can make necessary changes in a very short time.


Advance with every rep

Ruggengraat lets the trainer create individual workout program and adjust it, depending on the client’s goals.

Our database includes hundreds of different exercises. The trainer can set a number of sets and reps, and rest time between them. The interface is easy to navigate, so it takes almost no time or effort to make needed changes.


Know your progress

Workouts feel much more rewarding when you see your day-to-day progress. Ruggengraat tracks body changes in numbers, graphs, and photos and creates a vivid picture of the progress. The clients get the motivation to continue the course, and the trainers can easily see what they need to change to reach the best results.


“They are very responsive. When I have a question, they’re very quick to answer it. I know that our project manager has even responded to me during his vacation because he wanted to share information for the coming week.”

Fara K. Ruggengraat co-founder

The Outcome

With the release of Ruggengraat, the service sales rose by 5 times (from 20-30 clients per month to 100-150). The original staff consisted of 2 people. Now, Ruggengraat has 12 trainers.

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