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Always in touch with your doctor

  • Client: Maher R.
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Platform: iOS, Android and Web
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The Challenge

Being a doctor himself, our client, Maher R., experienced firsthand the flaws of the US healthcare system. He wanted to create a remote medical service without insurance coverage issues, long wait times and needless paperwork. Our task was to create a digital environment for this service.


The Work

Being an on-demand service, Kego had to be convenient and useful for both doctors and patients. Also, we needed to make people know about the advantages it offered.

To better address the problems of each group, we decided to build separate apps for doctors and patients. For doctors, we opted for iOS because more than 80% of them prefer iPhones (or iPads). As for the patients, we wanted them to have access to medical services from all possible devices, so we built three patient apps (iOS, Android & Web).

We developed a web application for people that prefer desktop computers or don’t like installing many new things. To promote the service, we made landing and blog pages.


Remote video consultations from any place

Remote consultations are a core feature of Kego. We went through various designs to find the most intuitive solution. The testing team joined in from the start to prevent bugs and errors as early as possible.

We also wanted to give the patients an opportunity to talk to the doctors even if the problem is not significant. So in addition to scheduled appointments, the patients can send text, voice, and video messages to their doctors.


Fast Appointments

With Kego, making an appointment is easy. The patient needs to choose a doctor, time, and date, and to specify the reason for the visit. This process takes less than a minute.

The doctor can spend much less time managing his or her appointments. The app gathers all requests in the inbox tab and shows them in a neat list with short info about each patient. The doctor can accept or deny the requests right from there.


Easy Documentation

All records made by Kego apps go to the designated cloud storage. We built a Django backend that makes data transfers between apps and database fast and secure.

The patients always have access to their appointment history, medical chart, and payment records. The same goes for the doctors.

We categorized everything and made a clean interface so Kego users could track and manage their data with comfort.


Riseapps greatly executed all my ideas, and they also offered their own. Kego turned out to be even better than I imagined.

Maher R Founder Kego

The Outcome

People that live in New Mexico, USA, now can get quick medical help from home, even without health insurance. All they need is a device with an internet connection.

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